Jason & Arianne Randolph, Home Owners
225 Wildrose Court
Erin Hill, Designer & Decorator
Susan Grina, Venue Coordinator

The Randolph’s, both Colorado natives, purchased their fantastic 3,800-square-foor home in October 2014. The property is nestled in a quiet, woodland cul-de-sac, featuring 5 bedrooms and 3.75 bathrooms.

The open floor plan and welcoming warm color palette make it feel like “home” for all those who visit here. In fact, the Randolph’s home has become a popular and frequented mountain retreat for many of their extended family and friends, who look forward to their visits as an opportunity to revel in the tranquility and picturesque natural environment, far from their “city” lives.

The walk-out basement provides easy access to hiking and outdoor activities for the family, particularly their young daughter, who spends most of her free time on her bicycle and exploring the nearby woods with her neighborhood pals.

Jason and Arianne are proud and humbled to have their home be a part of the 2016 Holiday Home Tour.  They hope everyone enjoys visiting their home and wish each of you a happy and joyful holiday season to all!