Dancing Fox Lodge

Jim & Joan Woodard, Home Owners

922 Kylie Heights

Diane Tapia & Suzanne Brown, Designers

Susan Grina, Venue Coordinator

The Woodard’s moved to Woodland Park in 2014, when Jim and Joan retired from “their day jobs” and now enjoy some consulting and civic work, in addition to their travels throughout the world.

With the talents of architect, David Langley, and builder, Andy Stauffer & Sons, they managed to create their dream of a rustic elegant home in the mountains.  It is home to captivating views of Pikes Peak, and perfectly configured for entertaining and family living.

The 4,000 square foot home was completed in June 2015, with 4 bedrooms, 4-½ baths and an outstanding professional kitchen!  Its trademark plank-and-chink design treatment is featured both outside and inside.  Guests are encouraged to look up and see the spectacular beam ceiling, reminiscent of Bonanza’s Ponderosa Ranch!

You can see the Woodard’s enthusiasm for wildlife and the great outdoors throughout their home.  Joan’s love of quilting will make guests feel warm and cozy throughout the house!  Jim enjoys new technology, and the gadgets that come along with it.  The weather station in their front yard can be accessed online at www.wunderground.com, by searching “Woodland Park, CO” and then selecting “Majestic Park”.  Every day, Jim and Joan relish the joy and peace of living here.  They hope all Tour guests and participants will enjoy visiting their home, and they offer everyone best wishes for a joyful holiday season. 

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