Ute Pass Historial Society
231 E. Henrietta Avenue
Rose Swanson & Karen Sprygada, Designers & Decorators
Assisted by Friends of the Ute Pass Historical Society
Karla Schweitzer, Venue Coordinator

The Ute Pass Historical Society invites Tour guests to take a step back in time, as they present the story of Ute Pass, from the nomadic Ute Tribes to the settlers who founded this community.  The historic cabins are decorated to reflect the early Christmas traditions, from both local and national perspectives.

The first stop in History Park is the Carroll Cabin, where guests will discover the railroad industry’s impact on regional development, and the popularity of trains at Christmastime.  The jail next door was built to enforce the town’s “Decency” clause

At the Brockhurst Cabin, the preparations for a Christmas dinner are under way, and depictions of social centers of a small mountain town are demonstrated at the Immer Cabin. Upon visiting the Steffa Cabin, guests are invited to explore the Western heritage of this region, including the Ute Indians, farmers, rodeos, and guest ranches.

And finally, the Museum Gift Shop makes for an ideal “last stop” where Tour guests can ask questions and purchase souvenirs from the UPHS.  Thank you for joining in this celebration of local Christmas history!