Victorian Dollhouse Exhibit

Church in the Wildwood

10585 Ute Pass Avenue, Green Mountain Falls

Karen Watson, Designer & Decorator

Amanda Griego, Venue Coordinator

The Victorian Dollhouse was commissioned by Marvin and Norma Bacharach and built by John R. Konz, Jr. in 1983.  Upon its completion, and given its size, the Bacharach’s donated it to the Kirkpatrick Center in Oklahoma City, where various miniaturist societies have maintained it while on display.

The house is set in America, circa1915, with all the furnishings to coincide within that period. Some of the furnishings were purchased, while others were hand-crafted over a number of years.

This house was stored away in the early 2000’s until Christian K. Keesee had it lovingly restored last year.  The house is designed to sit atop 73” x 25” x 77” platforms to beautifully showcase 23 stunning rooms!

Home tour guests are encouraged to visit the Outlook Lodge property next-door Please see the preceding page for more detailed information about the Lodge.

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